How do I make an 15 second interval CD?

I am a novice when it comes to this software program. We use it to make CDs to help teach children with special needs. My question is this, I am trying to make a CD which has a specific tone (I already have this tone saved) and then 15 seconds of silence before the tone rings again. This tone and silence combo should span the entire CD in a number of tracks. I seem to be having trouble when I try to enter ‘generate silence’. Either the silence is added at the beginning of the clip and the tone plays after or it starts playing only the silence and not the tone at the beginning of the clip. Please, if I could have detailed instructions as I am not tech savvy or lingo savvy with this software.


Do you want to make the tone and silence part of each performance track, or make them individual tracks and duplicate them at the CD creating step? Audio CD Authoring software will allow you to make the time between tracks be zero. So whatever you do in Audacity is the way it’s going to be.

To build it into each cut, Import one performance and the tone on their own timelines one above the other. Select the tone (click just above MUTE) and COPY. Select the show (same way) END > PASTE. That puts the tone at the end. Select the new show > END > Generate > Silence > Enter. That’s the silence part. Select the new longer show > END > PASTE (puts the second tone on). Export that one completed show. Use WAV. Do Not export MP3.

You can also produce the Tone, Silence, Tone and Export it as it’s own “show.” Name it something clever like ToneSequence.

Use the above technique only this time when you paste, you’ll get all three “events.” Tone-Silence-Tone.

That’s without thinking about it too much. There may be ways to automate this as well.


When you have multiple things on several timelines, they will all try to play at once. To prevent that, press MUTE on the tracks you want to be silent.

I missed a step. When you export a finished show, MUTE the track with the tones on it to prevent it from joining the Export.


If your CD Authoring Program allows duplications, load all the raw tracks and one copy of Tone-Silence-Tone. Copy and paste Tone-Silence-Tone between each of the tracks. Reduce the silence between tracks to zero. There will be a selection somewhere to do that. If there is no place to adjust the silence between tracks, then you may not be using an Audio CD Authoring Program and that could be dangerous.

Remember, you only get about 78 minutes of show time on an Audio CD and it doesn’t matter how you compress the sound before hand.

Yes, each track should be a tone (for 2 sec) followed by a silence (for 15 sec). Then onto the next track, tone (for 2 sec) followed by a silence (for 15 sec). This should span the entire CD (roughly about 99 tracks or so). Would these steps be different then the ones you gave me already? I am going to try what you suggested and let you know if I have any difficulties.

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It can’t be 99 tracks or so. The maximum number of tracks on an Audio CD is 99.

My impression from your first posting was tone-silence-tone. If you have 99 tracks already, then you have no choice but to integrate the tone-silence with the show clips. Using the Audio CD Authoring Program to do it will give you 198 tracks.

Use Audacity to make the Tone Sequence. Put the special tone on the timeline, END the cursor and Generate Silence the required time. That should give you one tone-silence sequence. Export that as a WAV, but leave the window open.

Click just above MUTE to select the whole sequence. COPY. Your computer COPY keys should work. You don’t have to find COPY in the Audacity tool list.

Right-click on one of the performance clips > Open With > Audacity. The clip should open up in a separate Audacity Window. Select the Whole clip, HOME the cursor and Paste. That should give you Tone, Silence, and the Clip.

File > Export.

Since I’m doing this entirely in my head, I probably have more keys than is needed on some steps, But that should work.

Let me know specifically where you get stuck and remember I can’t see your screen.

I’m also urged to remind you that the maximum time on an Audio CD is about 78 minutes and it can’t be changed. Also, I didn’t really stress this enough, but Do Not Use MP3 in the editing process. Export as WAV and use that to produce the CD.


I have no feeling for whether or not you’re following me, so I need a guide where you get stuck. And be specific where you get stuck — on which step.


I am still working on it and I will let you know if I get stuck.

endless possabilities

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