How do I load a Finale midi file into Audacity

just found out that to upload a Finale score, I do FileSaveAs - Midi - Option 1 then import into Audacty. There are 3 options, Audio, Midi, Raw Data. I spoke to the MakeMusic IT department and they advised me that if I use the Raw Data option, my midi file will be imported as separate tracks. However, when I do this, it is imported in one track and all I get is static, no music. I’m thinking that I’m not setting up the file parameters properly for this type of file.

How do I import a Finale midi file on separate tracks without the static.

Audacity does not yet play MIDI files, it can only display them.

If you can export from Finale as a WAV file then Audacity will be able to import and play that (Import > Audio)

that is what I’ve been doing until the other day. I’m trying to display all the instruments from my score in Finale as separate tracks in Audacity. Is there a way to do this? The suggestion I got from Final said that I could only do this by importing into Audacity as a midi file.

The MIDI capabilities of Audacity are extremely limited, as can be seen in the manual: Yes that is all that Audacity can do with MIDI - not much. Audacity is designed for working with audio. MIDI is not audio (

I can import as a Wav file. Is there a way to import into Audacity as separate tracks? Right now, when I import as Wav file I can only import as a single track but I would like to have a track for each instrument.

Make a separate WAV file for each instrument.

Yes, that was what I was doing except that I would have to creat a separate score for each instrument. It seems that when I create a WAV file in Finale it exports all of the instruments as one Wav file. the only option I have is to explode the score into a score for each sheet and save as a Wav file. this does take a while if you have 15 ot 20 instruments. Has anyone found another way to do this?

Can you mute all instruments but one, then export as a WAV, then repeat for the other instruments?

Thank you for the suggested. I just tried that and it works like a charm. I muted all the instruments and had that one instrument play as solo. Didn’t realize that muting the instruments has the same effect as deleting them from the score.