How do I lengthen the end of my track?

I’ve created this beat out of sound effects by putting them together. I want the beat to loop but in order to do that I need the track to stop at a specified second on the timeline so it sounds right when it repeats, or else it just loops instantly when the last sound effect is played. Does anyone know how to do this? I haven’t had much luck with finding an answer. If it isn’t possible I guess I could just make a silenced sound effect at the end where I want it to end but I’d rather not if this would be possible. Thanks :slight_smile:

That sounds like straight editing. You drag-select the part of the end of the show you don’t want and press delete. Export what’s left. Another option is to place a label at the beginning of the show and the cut point, drag select between those two points (they’re magnetic and sticky) and Export Selected.

If you have trouble finding the edit point, drag select a portion of the show and zoom into it with Control-E. Back out with Control-F and back out a little bit with Control-3. I live in those three zoom tools.


You should never save new work on top of old. Always use fresh, new filenames, and keep a protection copy of the original work.


You can also generate a click-track and cut your loop to that…