How do I just show one audio bar for each line?

How do I just show one audio bar for each line instead of seeing double? Is this something to do with stereo vs mono? I can’t find it int he settings. I make a lot of vocals layered on top of each other so I’m finding out a way to maximize my vertical screen real estate while using Audacity. :slight_smile:

The blue waves? Yes, it’s left on top, right on the bottom.

There are view options. Fit to Window, Fit Vertically. You can click on the bottom edge of a track and push up.

If all you’re doing is single voice management, it totally doesn’t need to be in stereo. If you shoot in Stereo (some microphone systems demand this), you can use the left-hand drop-down menus > Split stereo to mono. As long as both tracks say “MONO” on the left, select and delete one of the two redundant tracks.


You can shrink the Audacity window slightly top to bottom on the computer screen. Fit Vertically. Now expand the screen again and it will allow you elbow room “white space” on the bottom.