How do I isolate this "Scream" noise in this demo I did?

Sup guys. I was wondering how on earth would I isolate this scream noise in this demo I did on my keyboard.

I did some effects and I remember I came upon this scream sound with the Ring Modulator plugin I have with Audacity.

So I copied it, and undid it to the main demo, and pasted it as a new stereo channel and moved it to either the left or right (not sure).

Now, I really want to isolate that scream noise to sample it for further use cause I think it’d be awesome to use in another thing I’m doing.

I want that scream noise in the background. If you listen to it, I think you’ll know what I’m talking about :smiley:.

Here’s the demo I’m talking about

Lemme know if I can isolate this for free somehow.

*I know this might be hard to do cause I know isolating even vocals is a really tough job but I’m just hoping someone on this forum can help me gate it so I can just get that scream :smiley:.

I can’t download the file in FireFox.

It’s so embedded I can get the shells, management files, and html locators, but never the actual music. Also it’s got quite a number of filename violations in it. For universal filenames, never put punctuation marks in there, and if you transfer via ftp, spaces are a pain in the neck, too. You may be using Fetch or other FTP shell, but not everybody is.

If you put that file on a Windows machine it will cause a minor thermonuclear event.


Sorry bout that, renamed it and put it up as ScreamInTheDistanceSound.mp3.

Here’s the re-uploaded version :smiley: :

I’ll be absolutely amazed if any one can isolate the “scream” noise.
My advice would be to get back with the ring modulator and make a new one - with any luck you’ll make something even better.

Are there any plugins similar to the Ringmodulator because I love the fact that you can control the wave pattern. It feels like you’re controlling a Moog synth hehe.
2.85 Ringmod with two inputs (ringmod_2i1o, 1188)