How do I increase the volume of an MP3 track?

First, my apologies if this question has already been asked, but I have searched and searched and could not find the specific question I am asking… Anyway, this program has been excellent and has helped greatly with my mp3 files! I combined 2 tracks into one, and used fade out for another track that cuts off at the end, and both came out very smoothly! Now on to the question:

I’m trying to make a mix CD, but one of my mp3 files is extremely low. I went to “effects”, then clicked on “amplify” and amplified it to the max, but it was still very low. So I clicked on “allow clipping” and increased the volume to equal the volume of my other tracks, but due to the clipping, the sound is now very distorted.

Is it possible to increase the volume to equal the same volume as my other mp3 files without causing distortion, or is this my only option?

All the tracks are mp3 tracks from various CDs. It’s just one CD ripped very low compared to the others, so I am trying to increase the volume of that one track to make it even with the rest of the tracks on the mix CD I want to make… Is that what you were asking?

The direction may depend on what you have. Are you trying to match a very low live performance with pre-recorded dance tracks? It’s not just volume that doesn’t match in that case. The dynamic range of each performance is way different.

So describe the pieces. There are different tools depending on what you got there.


So your problem is that there are a few points in your song that are very loud. They may be only a fraction of a second long, but they prevent you from bumping up the volume on the whole piece. 2 ways to fix this:

  1. Find those loud parts. Highlight them and de-amplify them a 3-4 dB, then amplify your whole song by the same amount.
  2. Use the “compressor” and have it so it normalizes to 0 dB (check that box).

Hope this helps.

I know it not an auacity program but you might find mp3 gain usefull for this purpose