How do I import voicemail from iPhone 4 to Audacity?

Just downloaded Audacity as a recommended software to import and save iPhone voicemail. Synched phone to Mac as usual, but cannot figure out how to import voicemail to iTunes. Thanks for any help.

You can install the FFMpeg software into your Audacity and it may open up your iPhone sound files – if that’s what they are. I don’t have an iPhone, so we have to trust you.

Then, when you have your sounds loaded into Audacity, File > Export > either WAV or AIFF and they should drop right into iTunes. Let us know where you get stuck.

Synched phone to Mac as usual

You would do that why? To share iTunes music?

I would doubt that the iPhone makes VoiceMail sound files available with a simple sync. Is that the real question?


I will try your suggested download. The question is how do I use Audacity to save iPhone voicemails to iTunes so that I can save/keep/share them?

Can I guess you can’t get the voice files out of the iPhone? We can’t either. It may take specialized software to do that. Audacity only works on sound or entertainment files you already have.

Google Export iPhone Voicemail.


Alright – thanks for replies. I’ll keep looking for software that allow me to save memorable voice mail! Meanwhile Audacity will be used by the musician in our house – not to worry! Thanks again.