How do I get subsequent tracks to start ...

when the previous tracks end?

Track two to start when track 1 ends, track 3 to start when track 2 ends etc…
I believe it is a simple menu option but I don’t see it.

Once done, can I export these as independent tracks to a CD and contain the names of each track?
And more, can I export this to a file that will act like a multi-track CD?

If the tracks are currently stacked one above the other:

Tracks > Align Tracks: Align End to End (I believe. It’s one of those.)

When you export the show, Audacity will smash them all into one long show in that order.


I can feel that’s not what you really wanted. Did I hit it?


That is what I wanted however I am think of a modification of that idea and updated my original post.
Once end-to-end, can I write a CD and keep the track names?
Then, is it possible to write a file tha acts like a CD with selectable tracks?

Audio CDs do not carry track names or song titles unless you use the Text option. If you do that, the compatibility with regular CD players isn’t as good.

Then, is it possible to write a file tha acts like a CD with selectable tracks?

No. Somewhere I read you can connect PowerPoint shows with individual songs and play them that way. You can also make a software DVD show and use your DVD player software to select songs as movie chapters.

I think Google is your friend.


You can use your CD Burning Software and individual sound files to make a standard Red-Book Music CD. You can’t get there from an Audacity single show export file which is what you get when you export your stacked up songs. Audacity won’t burn anything.


Thanks for the quick and helpful responses.

When you need help, please post to the proper board, not to Feedback and Reviews. Moved, assuming you are still on Windows.

If you use a player that supports Cue sheets, yes. Foobar2000 supports playing from cue sheets at least to some extent.