How do i get my own permission to open a file

Hi I have uploaded a song from a USB stick and the site says i musy get permission to open it. Why do i need permission to open my own file

What does that mean (what “site” are you talking about)?
What is the exact and complete message?

The site in question is Audacity, and the message reads You can not open this file without permision of either a Administrater.or the file owners permision

I don’t understand. Do you mean the Audacity website, or the Audacity application (the software program)?

That looks like an operating system message.

So What can be done about it

The file is in Wave form and i want to convert it to MP3

Can you copy the WAV file to your “Documents” folder?

I have moved it to my documents

Are you able to import it into Audacity from Documents?

I have uploaded a song

Are you on a corporate or training environment? Sometimes schools limit your ability to manage and share music. Did you sing or play the music? Do you have a stand-alone Windows machine?


I am 87Yrs old I recoeded asong to wave came to Audacity to convertit to MP3 And Audacity says i need an Administrator , or the owners permission to open it I AM THE BLOODY OWNER

Perhaps this article will help:

I am no longer interested will delete the file

I wonder how many people read through this thread, and bristled with pleasure at Roy’s parting remark :slight_smile:

He’s 87 years old … has loads to do … and not enough time to do it all.
The last thing he needs, is to mess around with Windows 10 permissions.

… and a man of character, who didn’t leave the thread hanging.

The way to go Roy.
Life is just too short.