How do I get libavformat dylib?

So, Audacity needs FFMPEG to work. I went and downloaded the FFMPEG build for Snow Leopard and up. Opened up the extracted folder and no libavformat dylib. I’m running Audacity 2.0.6.

Zip or the disk image (dmg)?
Did you get it from here?

When I do that, I get a package (pkg) that my Mac makes me authorize before installing it. You never see the actual Dynamic Library. This is an installer that’s supposed to take care of all that for you.


Audacity needs FFMPEG to work.

Audacity works just fine without it. What Audacity will not do is open advanced compression format files or export them.

If you need to make an MP3, you also need to install the Lame software. Audacity will open an MP3 without it, but won’t make a new one.


If you download an “ffmpeg” binary from or similar site, that can only be used in Audacity’s command-line export.

Otherwise, you need to install FFmpeg as Koz instructed. See