How do I fix badly distorted audio? (mp3 sample attached)

So I went to a concert last night and I realized today that using zoom on my phone while recording messed up the audio for some reason. There’s a really cool one I’d like to post but the audio si really bad. How can I fix it? How do I remove that huge noise? Thanks a lot

Unfortunately that recording is beyond repair. There is too much damage to salvage anything useful.

There has to be something… separate high from low or something and cut it, as long as the voice can be heard even if it’s bad quality. The footage is unique, like something they never do on stage so I’m really sad :frowning:

It’s like trying to rebuild a house that has been demolished. If all the bricks and tiles and beams are still there, then it is at least a theoretical possibility that the house could be rebuilt by reassembling the pieces like a 3D jigsaw. Unfortunately, severe clipping (overload distortion) is worse than that, because the peaks are either totally missing, or smashed beyond all recognition. So like a jigsaw that has most of the pieces missing, you may be able to salvage a few fragments, a couple of seconds here and a couple of seconds there, but nowhere near enough to rebuild the house / jigsaw / concert in a recognisable form.

No. There’s too much of it gone. All I could do was carefully convert it into different damage without improving it.