How do I fade a song out in PowerPoint?

I have a PowerPoint slide show and it ends before the song ends. I want to fade the song out. I googled and the reply said to use Audacity. I don’'t know how to open Audacity and use it with PowerPoint or how to fade out a song. Please help! It is for a preschool graduation presentation. Thanks!

Audacity will not edit the Power Point, but it will edit the sound track associated with it. Import the music track into Audacity and select the place where you want to start the fade. Like if you need the show to be gone at 5 minutes and take ten seconds to fade out, drag-select between 4:50 and 5:00. Effect > Fade Out. Drag-Select everything after the fade and delete. Export a new sound file.

Do Not export the new music on top of the old. Use a different file name and leave the original name and file in case you make a mistake. Nothing like coming back to the forum with big eyes and high voice that your new music doesn’t fit and you need the old track back. And there is no old track.

Also remember that Audacity will not Save a sound file. You have to Export one.

If you need an MP3 file, it gets a little more difficult. You have to install MP3 software from the Audacity web site. Playing MP3s is free, but making them isn’t. Install “lame” software from here.

It get harder yet if the original music is already MP3. MP3 creates additional sound damage every time you make a new one and the damage adds up.

See how you get on.