How do I extract nyquest files from ZIP?

I have searched everywhere to try to find out how to extract the .ny effect files so I can use them in Audacity. Where do i find this ZIP archive to extract the nyquest files from? I downloaded Audacity off the Ubuntu software center.

Which Nyquist files are you trying to extract? What is the version number of Audacity at Help > About Audacity ?

There is no need to extract the Nyquist effects that are already shipped with Audacity. Look underneath the divider in the Audacity Effect Menu (in “Plugins 1 to…”).

Other Nyquist plug-ins are listed on If you download a zip from there, extract the files as you would any other zip on Ubuntu. Right-click over the zip in your favourite file explorer and choose the application to perform the extraction.

Or on, right-click over the “View” link for the required plug-in and download the “ny” file as it is.

Please see this FAQ for the correct locations to install .NY Nyquist plug-ins.