How Do I Extract a Portion of mp3?

First try with Audacity … I’m using 1.2.6 on Windows Vista PC.

I have a 34-minute mp3 file (voice recording). I loaded the file to my PC from a CF card (recorded from a Microtrack mini).

I want to extract a portion of it – from minute 10:03 thru minute 26:20. (For those familiar with CDEX, this is a routine operation while working with a audio CD.)

Can Audacity do this? Can you give me a brief explanation? Tried to use Help, but wasn’t able to figure it out.

Thanks to anyone,

Yes, you could do it in Audacity but you would lose some audio quality - as you would be re-compressing an MP3 that was already compressed. There are tools available that will do what you need directly - see this thread

To do it in Audacity: import/open the MP3 select the tail and header portions of audio in turnthat you do not need and delete them. Then Export the remaining audio clip as MP3. Or you can select the portion you want (after the import) and use Export Selection as MP3


Thanks for the suggestions, WC — I’ll give all the options a try.