how do I do this?

I want to record stuff–me talking–and I want to be able to review what I just said and listen to it. If it sounds good, I want to proceed on the same track and keep recording. If it sounds bad, I want to repeat that particular part over and over, listening to it as i go, until I get it right, then go on.

I want all these recordings to be on the same track. So far I cannot figure out how to do this. I can record by pressing round maroon button. But the only way to stop and listen to what I just recorded is to press the square yellow stop button. Then I can go back and listen to what I recorded. That is fine so far. But when I press the maroon record button again, it starts another track. I wind up with dozens of tracks and to make it even worse, once I get these unwanted multiple tracks recorded, then when I stop and listen to what I recorded, it plays all of them at once. Lol…

I want everything on one track. When I press that maroon button I want audacity to NOT start another track but instead to start recording where I place the cursor. I cannot believe this issue is not covered in the FAQ. But it is not AFAIK.

“Transport menu > Append Record”
or, much more conveniently, the keyboard shorcut: Shift+R

“Edit menu > Undo”
or, much more conveniently, the keyboard shorcut: Ctrl+Z