How do I determine Latency Correction value?

Win 10, 2.1.3, .exe install

I am trying to learn how to determine the correct amount of latency correction for recording my bass guitar. I use Audacity by importing a .mp3 file and then while playing it, record my bass (bass>Zoom B3>USB>Audacity).

How do I determine latency correction so that when I play I don’t hear lag?

If you listen to the Win10 machine, you’re always going to hear an echo. That’s machine latency. The only convenient way around that is listen to the Zoom instead of the computer. I don’t know that the Zoom has zero latency monitoring, but it might. Consult your instructions.

All these methods of listening to the USB device work.

Recording latency is set so when you play in time, the recording comes out in time.

Generate a click track. Play it back in overdubbing mode and put your headphones against your Zoom microphones. Like this although this is a different microphone. Write down the difference in time between the two ticks and use that as the Latency Correction.

Scroll down to – Recording Latency – in this publication. It’s the wrong microphone from your Zoom, but the general idea is the same.