How do I Cut music track when voice comes in?


I am trying to achieve the following: I want to have a music track playing at normal volume, but when a voiceover track has a voice on it I would like to drop the music track to a lower level and get it to come back when the voice has finished talking (whenever the voice track drops below a certain threshold). What is this called? And is there some automatic way of mixing the tracks to achieve this, since a manual approach is out of the question.


There is always the manual approach with the envelope tool. That has the advantage of complete control over the effect.

The automatic approach is called Effect > Auto Duck in Audacity 1.3.12. Care must be taken to keep from pumping the background if the announcer likes to take … the … dialog … in … little chunks. That’s where manual comes in handy.


Cool, thanks, that makes sense, I’ll give it a try.

This tutorial might help:

– Bill