How Do I Cut a Verse out of a hymn

I am a first time user. I tried following the tutorial on Editing an Existing Audio File but could not get it to work. There are 7 verses in the hymn and I want to delete or remove the 5th verse. The section to be deleted starts at 2.08.728 and ends at 2.37.251. How do I cut this verse out?

Import the music.

I would put those two numbers in at the bottom of the Audacity edit window in Start and End.

Edit > Delete.

That didn’t work?

Once you get it the way you want it, File > Export the file type of your choice. Hopefully WAV (Microsoft). If you need an MP3, you need to add the Lame software to Audacity.

You are warned that doing production in MP3 can have some interesting problems. It probably isn’t going to sound very good if you shoot for the same size music file you had before. MP3 compression distortion goes up as you work.