How do I create audio that does not play so loud?

I created some white noise audio. When I go to play it back it is very loud. I have my computer speakers on 2 out of 100 to play back the audio at the volume I want to listen. How can I create the audio at a lower signal strength/volume?

Thanks in advance for any help,

When you generate the white noise, set the Amplitude to a smaller value (try setting it to 0.2)

That worked great. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

I am using Audacity to create audio to “calm” my ears down (too many guns and playing in a band in my younger days) using white noise and the band-stop filter. I was wondering what other projects would people use Audacity for? I am guessing to edit audio for movies and music cds. Are there some elementary/amateur type projects that I could try just for fun?

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