How do I create a single track from 3 different ones

I want to create a single music track for a short dance routine that my club is doing on the 25th April, and I’ve no idea where to start. I don’t even know if it’s possible with Audacity. What makes things more difficult, is that, although I’m English, I live in France and the system I’ve downloaded is all in French. Perhaps I should just deleteit from my system and retry to download it in English. I want to start with 2m4.9s of UPTOWN FUNK then go straight to just over a minute of SAY GERONIMO but cutting off the first 24 beats, and then go straight to the last 192 beats of KNOCK ON WOOD by SAFRI DUO. CAN IT BE DONE. Please, please, please…someone say YES. Second question…HOW DO I DO IT??? :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question:

Audacity is multi-language. The language is automatically set to match the system language of the computer that it is running on, but you can override that and manually set the language that you require. See here for instructions:

The manual that is shipped with Audacity (in the Help menu) is currently only available in English (the online version is partially translated into some other languages).

This article covers the basics of editing audio files:

When working with multiple tracks (each imported file will appear as a new track), use the Time Shift tool to slide the tracks left/right so that they play at the time that you want (and not all at once).

“Crossfading” is quite an advanced technique but can give a professional touch to this type of task. See: