How do I compare two audio files?


How do I compare two audio files?

I have to almost identical audio files. How do I substrat one from the other, so I only get the rest sound, that should be the different in the two files.
I Will use this metode to compare different compression formats.

Maybe not in Audacity. Audacity works internally at 32-floating, so pulling a sound file in and exporting a new one involves two data conversions. People who try to do scientific experiments with Audacity run into that right away.

In your case, the results will be the compression artifacts plus the two data conversions and one dither injection.

But if you want to give it a shot, select one of the two tracks and invert it. Effects > Invert. When you export that, Audacity will mix down the whole show to one track – effectively subtracting one from the other.