how do i change the time scale at the top?

i need the sound to start at 29 minutes!
thanks all

Home the cursor to the left > Generate > Silence, 29 minutes > OK.

Audacity, or the saved Project, or the exported show will crank through the 29 minutes of silence and then play the show.

You should play the trigger point carefully and make sure there are no pops, clicks, or other noises. If the show starts with a very loud noise, it could have a click in addition.

There are defects, too. If your music system has “DC Offset,” a hardware defect, it may pop or click no matter what you do.


Thanks for your help

Did it do what you want? Sometimes the question can be a little scattered and we misunderstand what you want.

You didn’t actually want to move the scale. You wanted to move the show 29 minutes to the right (later). It’s dangerous to put “nothing” in that hole, so the most stable way is to make a 29 minute block of silent time and cram it in before the show.

As I think I mentioned, you should inspect the tiny place where the silence turns into show. You’re looking for clicks, ticks, pops, or other noises.