How do I batch insert sound clips at my labels location

Supposed that I have two tracks, one for an audio file to be remixed and the other for a label track. The label track is imported by a .txt file containing some magic numbers. For example,

0.000000	0.000000	
1.335147	1.335147	
2.263946	2.263946	
2.670295	2.670295	
4.249252	4.249252

Now, I add the third track, and prepare to insert a very short sound clip exactly at each label location. I know I can do it manually by double clicking near each label and pasting the clip in the new track. But what if I have hundreds of clips to insert and want this process to be an automatic one? Can this task be done by audacity itself or a plugin? I have no idea what type of plugin I should try.



The only way I can think of using Audacity is to write your own script in an automation app like AutoHotkey but that is for Windows. You could try Automator that is built into Mac for example. See

From the Audacity menus, Edit > Copy your sound clip.

Then create your script so that it does

DOWN arrow
UP arrow

then iterate n times, where n is the number of labels you have.


It’s a clever solution. I will make a script to complete that work. Thanks Gale!