How do I avoid aliasing artifacts on glissando effect ?

I’m trying to create sliding pitch effects (speed-up and slow-down) using David Sky’s “turntable warping” plug-in (available here).

The results would be perfect but for the (aliasing?) artifacts , which are particularly bad after 5 sec on this example …

[this sine tone is just an example for the purposes of illustration, the actual waveforms I want to apply a glissando effect to are more complicated]

Any cure for these artifacts, I tried higher sample rates but they didn’t help.

I think I can see where the problem is, but this is a pretty weird effect.
Try this modified version - it’s not exactly a “fix” for the problem, more of a “hack” to see if I’m looking in the right place.
turntablewarp-ms.ny (2.91 KB)

Yes that’s much better: the artifacts are a fraction of what they were …