How Do I Alter Volume Of One Section?

Hello. I have 2.2.1 on Ubuntu Budgie.

I recorded a song using a portable Zoom device. The two microphones were used. It was recorded at 96K/24 bit. I imported that WAV file into Audacity and want to modify it.

There are just a couple of spots where I want to elevate the volume of the two tracks. These are spots where I want the words to be just a little bit louder. How do I accomplish this?

I have already figured out how to cut segments from the tracks; such as the beginning and ending excess audio.

After I learn to bump the volume in these sections I want to know how to elevate the volume of the entire recording. If you know how to do that, please let me know.

I have not yet normalized the tracks. Somewhere I read that it should be the last thing to do.

Thank you for your help. This is my very first foray into music production.

It’s actually easier to reduce the volume of the rest of the track, and then, if necessary, amplify the entire track.
To do that:

  1. Use the Envelope Tool to adjust the level: Envelope Tool - Audacity Manual
  2. “Render” the track (so that the envelope is permanently “applied” to the track) using “Mix and Render”: Tracks Menu: Mix - Audacity Manual
  3. Apply the “Amplify” effect to the track: Amplify - Audacity Manual