How do I add Audacity to the path in Win8?

I have the task scheduler set up to run audacity at given times. It appears that the system does not know how to open Audacity as I keep getting that “How do you want to open this file”. I click on Audacity at the top of the list and it works as expected.

Audacity is in its default location established during the original installation.
I added:
;C:Program Files (x86)Audacity
to the path and have verified it visually and by resetting the computer just in case.

It works fine when I click on the Audacity icon.
What can I do to fix this?

Moved to the correct board. What version of Windows are you using?

This does not sound like an Audacity problem to me. Have you asked on the Microsoft forums?

Are you trying to open Audacity or open a file with Audacity?

We cannot see your computer. If you want help, please export the task’s XML file and attach it.


“What version of Windows are you using?”
I did mention WIn8, is there more information needed?

“This does not sound like an Audacity problem to me.”
It is in the Twilight zone between the two programs…

“Have you asked on the Microsoft forums?”
In a world when A blames B and B blames A, I thought I would ask it in the forum where I will at least get some guidance over attitude.

“Are you trying to open Audacity or open a file with Audacity?”
As I said, Audacity works fine when I click on its Icon. The problem happens when I call it from the Task Scheduler.

Some history: I had this working quite well on a win7 machine a year ago then for some reason it stopped and I gave up trying to fix it. Now that I have it installed on a Win8 machine I get different errors and it still is not working.

At the moment, I am trying to see if it is a path or environment problem. I ask here because I am sure that Microsoft is going to blame it on Audacity because they think that their software is flawless.

Oops I missed that, even so, is it Windows 8 or Windows 8.1?

I don’t follow your posts but I get the impression this has been going on for months now. Microsoft writes Task Scheduler so they should be the goto to sort out issues.

We can’t even attempt to help you with Task Scheduler unless you post the XML file for the task, so we can see exactly what commands you are issuing. Select the task, right-click over it and choose Export… .

I am not an expert in Task Scheduler, but I don’t see why it is a PATH problem. Task Scheduler does not require that an app called in a task is in PATH.

Must you use Task Scheduler? Have you tried any Task Scheduler alternatives? That should help diagnose whether it is a Task Scheduler or system issue.