How do i add a click event handler to a button

How do i add a click event handler to a button, which i am adding using this command

wxDialog dlg(this, wxID_ANY, wxString(_(“Image Display Settings”)));

ShuttleGui S(&dlg, eIsCreating);

wxButton *btnBrowse;

btnBrowse = S.AddButton(_(“Select Directory…”),false);

Any help will be great and if i need to post a new question plz let me know as well.


Not really enough info for me to help you. What I would suggest is that you either create a patch against SVN HEAD and paste it into a code block here; or post the affected files (in a code block here). Try to limit your changes to just enough to show what you are working on. Post mock-ups of GUI changes–it makes it easier to see what you are doing. Try to tell us more about what you are trying to do with the button and handler.

I think adding an event handler to a button will require some knowledge of wxWidgets.