How could i clean up my voice to sound like....

How would i have to clean up my voice to sound more recorded than live cause ive got a naturally good voice but when i record it sounds off

(i kno im good cause when i do live stuff i sound good)

but so when i record it sounds like shakey and very uneven and sometimes it doesn’t pick up the notes right makeing it sound like i cant sing…i can though

so is there a technique that would help with that

oh and also whenever i record and it does come out right how do i make it sound more professional ive mastered making my guitar and drums sound good but this is the only thing im having a problem with like it sounds all professionally recorded with a live voice(when the voice comes out right)and i want that taking back sunday sound in my voice or panic at the disco or all time low

the pop rock voice

i need an answer to both questions plz



Several people make softwarz that can change your voice around.



AV Voice Changer

Voice Imitation

So when you perform for real you sound great? Do you have recordings of this not made by you?


Yes i do have recordings why?

Also i do have a vocoder so if you could tell me how to use that that’d be great



Lots of good stuff in this thread…


And do you sound great on those recordings?
I think that the point that Koz is making is that it your voice will always sound different to yourself to what a recording sounds like, or what it sounds like to others because when you hear your own voice you have all kinds of resonances going on in your head - you are not only listening with your ears, but can “hear” the vibrations in your skull, nasal cavity, throat, chest…

If by “it sounds off” you mean that the recording sounds out of tune, then that is nothing to do with the recording - it’s you. If you mean it sounds flat or thin or muffled, then that may be because you are not using a very good microphone, or you may need to use the Equaliser effect to add more bass or more treble. Singing voices will often sound better with a little reverb added than completely “dry”.

The vocoder effect is usually used to make weird sounds (robotic voices and the like) rather than natural sounding effects.

You may also want to make sure that your set up is right. Are you using a pre-amp to record your voice? Or are you going straight into the computer? How is your microphone set up? Does it have dead space or does it echo? Dead space and pre-amps are a must.

For the rest of it, you can put specific settings on your program to get a better sound. After you record, you should be able to filter out your voice and the wave files through things like envelopes, reverb, effects and an EQ. Eventually, you will find a setting that fits with your voice so that it carries the sound that you want. You will want to look up information on pre-mixing different types of voices, specifically for pop rock, to make sure that it fits with the resonance of your voice and with the sound you are going for.

On the music side, you may want to think about doing some voice training and strengthening. It helps even the pros. :wink:

If your voice sounds off (i.e. not it tune) it’s because that’s how you sang it, unless there is something seriously wrong somewhere in your audio chain.

Before you dive into software solutions, or vocoders, you may find it useful to apply the following advice:

A top tip for singing is to sing loudly – that tends to eliminate some of the shakiness and even inaccuracy from a vocal performance.

Record shorter sections at each take – perhaps even just a line at a time – and concentrate on greater accuracy.

Use a chorus effect, either by duplicating a vox take or by re-recording several vox tracks – to get a thicker sound.

Practice. Don’t use the first recording you make – keep going until you have a take you are entirely happy with.

Hope this helps,


how do i make my voice sound like a guitar using the vocoder tool?

That’s not what a vocoder does.
A vocoder modulates multiple frequency bands of a carrier wave against another (usually a voice) wave to create “talking synthesizer” or “robot voice” type effects.
Are you asking how to use the vocoder effect? If so, then you need to create a stereo track in which one channel is the modulator wave and the other is the carrier wave, then apply the vocoder effect to the stereo wave.

<<<how do i make my voice sound like a guitar using the vocoder tool?>>>

The Geico/Peter Frampton effect? Yeah, that’s how they did that one. Unfortunately, Audacity doesn’t do anything in real time, so even if you do have the plugin, you need to record both tracks (as above, the “carrier,” the guitar, and the “modulator”, your voice) and mess with them in the filter until it gets to be what you want. If you never get there, you may have have to replace one or both of the sound tracks. It can be pretty painful.

This is one of those “How To Ride A Bicycle” things. It’s rough trying to describe it. It’s best to just get in there and try it.


Shame that MorphVox for example have no voices of Donald Duck and Daffy Duck so everything has to be done manually.