How configure Recording Device to Stereomix on Audacity v3.2.5?

I’m a newbie to Audacity, so I’m probably overlooking something obvious.

I am trying to follow youtube videos (such as " How To: Record Speakers & Microphone At Same Time In Audacity") for recording Stereo Mix. The video shows a pull-down menu called “Recording Device” which is just to the right of the microphone icon.

The version of Audacity that I have, v3.2.5, does not show that pull-down menu.

I have searched to see if there is a non-default menu bar that I can enable (and which might have the Recording Device menu, but so far I have not found such a menu bar setting.

Perhaps the Recording Device menu has moved to a different part of the UI since the youtube tutorial was recorded.

Thanks in advance for any pointers for setting Recording Device to Stereo Mix!

Hi Again.

After doing more internet search, I found that the Device Toolbar is not enabled by default, and I now have it enabled. So, my problem is solved.

I regret that I did not manage to find this info before posting my question.

You can also use the Audio Setup button/toolbart in the upper tooldock - this one is enabled by default.


waxycylinder, thanks very much for the reply. I appreciate it.

I tried recording but got no sound wave.

After spending some time unsuccessfully trying to troubleshoot that, I have decided to move on to a different solution.

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