How come each new track opens as a new file

What a weird system…each time I load a track it records it as a new project? I can add a speaking part - but then I go to add the second track and it loads it as a totally different project? weird…I’m getting really frustrated with it - I wanted to have a Radio Show for a charity but making myself look a total idiot before I’ve even begun!! This is the software they recommended. Maybe I’m just not cut out to be a presenter…ahahahaha

Instead of “Open”… File → import → Audio.

ah…thank you…going to try it
sorry - I seem to be a bit of a dummy with it…

That worked, thanks. So I’m guessing I record any talking parts on new tracks and then add in as file - import - audio as before? all my tracks uploaded as one track which sounded a bit odd…I’m guessing you mute any that aren’t playing??

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