How Can Years Of Projects Be Compromised ?

OK, Audacity does not store well. But how can 43 projects that I’ve recorded over the course of 2 years all be bad ? This is just like when someone dies you want to know what happened. I had every song from those 43 recordings written down for easy access and NOW EVERYTHING IS GONE. So please tell me how every AUP file can be pronounced dead. I need some closure.

I would try an older version of Audacity before declaring them dead …

There is a “Usual Suspects list.”

Are both parts of each project present and accounted for? Are they in the same folder or location?

Legacy Projects had two parts.

Shows won’t open if either is missing.

The names of the two components have to match each other and they have to be the name given inside Audacity. There is a way to change names later, but it’s not fun.

Did you follow good digital naming hygiene? No punctuation marks other than -Dash- and Underscore? You can cause amazing problems by putting regular dates in filenames.

Where are the files and folders? For maximum stability, they need to be on your roomy, well-behaved internal drive. Audacity 3 right now has trouble dealing with non-internal drives, so this problem has been going on for a while.

Open one of the AUP files in a text editor (do not save anything) and make sure it “looks” about right. This is a segment of a short AUP file.

It’s been gussied up a little for the picture, so yours will not be neat and organized, but it should not have black blocks, graphic charcters, NUL NUL NUL, or be blank.

If you have characters or “words” other than those, then that may be why the shows will not open.

Any notes?