How can we cut a track to insert short recordings to it?

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For a project in my university, I must help foreign students trying to learn french. To do so, the teacher asked us to import a mp4 video they made on Audacity, make a cut everytime they make a mistake, and then correct the mistake with a commentary. I did upload the video and successfully marked where I wanted to insert my comments. Since language an dsocial studies students are not famous for their informatical skills, I am now struggling with this soon due project

How can I cut the audio, register my voice and start the audio back to the point I had stopped it? Is it possible to do so without having like 40 different tracks (one for each recorded commentary)?

Thank you for answering!

I can’t think of an easy way to do this even with 40 different commentaries. You can’t set a point and just start recording with the succeeding tracks pushed out of the way.

There may be other tricks, but the desperation method is to record your first commentary just by pressing record. The commentary will appear on a second track. Select the whole second track, copy, find the place in the main (top) track and paste it in. The remaining parts of the main track should move out of the way.

Repeat 39 times.


“Edit menu > Remove Audio or Labels > Split Delete” to delete the error.
If necessary use the Time Shift tool to slide the audio clips to make the gap bigger.
With the normal selection tool (F1 key or click the Selection tool button) click on the track a short way before the gap, then record your correction. The recording will be on a new track so that you can trim off excess recording, adjust the volume or whatever else you need to do.
When the recording / editing is complete, “File menu > Export” to export a new audio file. The multiple tracks in the project will be mixed down into a single file.

More information about basic recording and editing can be found in the included manual (Help menu > Manual).
Here’s a couple of good starting points:

Thank you very much!