How Can I Tell How Large My Project is in MBs?

In Audacity 2.0, (or even in earlier versions) is there anyway to tell how large (in MBs) a project is before it is finished? For instance, if there is a 30.5 MB limit on a project, how do I know if I’ve reached that limit or gone over it before the project is finished?

I’m finding it impossible to avoid asking why you want to know.
You can’t do production on a hard drive with that little storage. As you add filters and effects, the project gets bigger and bigger and it’s rough to predict what’s going to happen. Further, after you struggle with that, you’ll need to find a way to Export the show to a music file and that may almost double the storage requirement.

30MB is roughly a six minute mono, not stereo, show at WAV format. Just the music file. No effects, no filters and no Audacity.

I’m amazed to see that with all the time you took to give me a reply you DID NOT ANSWER my question. The number 30.5 was just pulled out of the air. I still DON’T KNOW HOW TO TELL HOW LARGE MY PROJECT IS BEFORE IT IS FINISHED!!!

Thank you for your time, but why bother if you’re not going to answer the question?

If you click View > History in Audacity you can find the size of the project on disk by totalling the file sizes in the “Size” column for each action.

Otherwise, open the project folder (or the temporary folder if you have not saved a project) in Windows Explorer and check there. Click Edit > Preferences: Directories to find out where the Audacity temporary folder is.