How can I sync between Anvil and Audacity? [SOLVED]

I want to make MIDI on Anvil into audio by recording the playback. The audio comes out a few seconds shorter. How can I sort this?

The audio comes out a few seconds shorter.

What does that mean??? Are you talking about latency (a delay)? Are you losing the last 2 seconds? Does it play faster (maybe with an increased pitch)? Are there little bits missing with “glitches” in the audio? Is it always 2 seconds, or does it get worse with longer recordings?

It’s quicker somehow. Everything else is right but it reaches the end earlier than it should. I don’t know if longer recordings are proportionally shorter.

by recording the playback.

barring anything actually broken, you can get that any time you have a difference between the recording system and the playback system. For example, if you recorded the analog with the computer built-in soundcard, but you played it with a USB sound system, the two show durations may be different.

This can happen if I insist on recording two different USB microphones at the same time, for example. My machine will ask which one is important, because it can’t synchronize to both. If I record a long show, the portion that came from one microphone might be longer than the other.

If something is broken, you can have the recording drop bits here and there. That kind of error doesn’t always make noises. When you play that recording, it will be shorter for no apparent reason.


Record Producer Deluxe gives me recordings of the right length. Or did until I had to reinstall and I found that the newest owner won’t let anyone register it to go beyond the 30 trial.

I’ll read the handbook to find out how to lengthen the wavs to fit. I asked about syncing because I used software that clocked MIDI to audio conversion to keep everything in time. I think it was Cubase, which I will never buy.

Please always tell us your version of Audacity and Windows (see the pink panel at the top of the page).

Say exactly how you’re recording playback. WASAPI or stereo mix, or loopback cable?

See for how to use Timidity to make a conversion to audio.

Audacity does not do clock sync.


I keep forgetting that.

XP and 2.1.2

I record stereo mix. TiMidity++ is only right for me if it has VSTi support.

I’ll try Change Tempo.

Change Tempo won’t help of course if dropouts are the cause of the shortness. Have you used stereo mix before? You could also have an audio driver problem.


I use stereo mix between Anvil and Record Producer but RP is now unusable. There are no dropouts in Audacity, only a syncing issue.

I bought a used Dell with a 4-core cpu and 4Gb RAM. That fixed the problem.