How can I set the bit rate to 192kbp that is required by ACX

How can I set the bit rate to 192kbps that is required by ACX? When I export my audio file to an mp3 from Audacity i have selected “standard 170 - 202 kbps”. When I look at the file properties it shows a bit rate of 101 kbps.

I’m using Windows 10 and Audacity 2.1.2
Any help is appreciated.

I got it. I had to select constant and it converted to 192kbps.

I got it.

Do you? You should be converting your master performance, uncompressed WAV files, not an existing MP3. MP3 files don’t re-edit or convert well.

That’s why all your master sound work and archives should be in perfect quality WAV (Microsoft). You can convert WAV down to any other format including MP3, but once you make an MP3, the quality will never get better than that, and it could get seriously worse.

Particularly because ACX is going to convert your MP3 down to other formats. So any mistakes at your level are going to ripple down the production chain like a head cold.


Did your recording sound quality come out OK? We have a custom ACX testing tool that does similar jobs to the Dreaded ACX First Level Testing Robot. It can save a lot of ping-ponging across the country trying to get the quality right.

Your RMS volume is too low and the background noise level is too high. Please resubmit when you have fixed these problems…"