How Can I separate two recordings that mixed

After recording, pausing and restarting - the user did something wrong - I guess when they saved it and instead of having one long recording, the second half mixed with first half and you hear them together, Is there any way to split these two recordings apart?
Audacity 2.1.1 with .exe installer and Windows 7 Professional

Thank you

After recording, pausing and restarting

That’s not what they did. They pressed Stop and then Record again. Audacity would have started a brand new recording on a separate timeline underneath the first recording and tried to play them both at once when the performance was completed.

It’s possible to select each one before you close Audacity and Export Selected to get two completely separate show sound files.

If the user Saved a Project, then the two performances are still recoverable by opening up the Project.

If the user just Exported a simple sound file, Audacity would have jammed both recordings together …permanently.

Find out if there’s still a Project: AUP file and _DATA folder in addition to what you have. It’s possible. You Save a Project but Export a sound file.


There are some exotic possibilities. Is one performance on Left and the other on Right? That’s easy to fix. I’m guessing not. You probably have a simple mix.

I know it’s not a simple interview. Sometimes you can rescue those by editing word by word.


Did they save the Audacity project?
If so, does the project have two tracks one below the other?
If so, click the “Solo” button on the second track and then play - do you hear just the second half of the recording or is it still mixed with the first half?

Unfortunately, they did not save the project file - although I will suggest we do that in the future. In the piece I need, also unfortunately, the first part is louder and applause and what I need to hear is very soft. I think it’s gone. Thanks to all for your insight

Too many problems. I think it’s gone.

project file

That’s dangerous. Audacity Projects are multiple files and folders…so far.

You made the exact opposite mistake from normal. Most people save a Project and not a WAV and then we have trouble rescuing their show when one of the Project files goes sour.


You didn’t say what kind of sound file you had, but perfect quality WAV is recommended. Never do production in MP3!