How can I replicate this effect?

Hello Audacity forums!
So I’m currently making tutorials on how to do the voices of dota 2 characters in audacity. I’ve moved on to a different more challenging character. Death Prophet.
I just cannot replicate this effect i have tried for about 4 hours now :laughing:

Anyways here is a video of some of her response lines

What I can gather is some reverse reverb for the ghostly buildup and potentially a higher pitch in the background somewhere. The rest is a mystery.
Anyone have some tips on getting something remotely close to this effect?


The background voice seems to be a vocoder effect (maybe more than one) and an important feature seems to be that it’s late, like a long hallway echo. I would just create the backing track and delay it with Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows).

Vocoder takes two sounds and jury’s out on what to use for the non-voice sound. Maybe filter Pink Noise (Generate) so it sounds like it’s breathing down a tube. Maybe telephone equalization.

You know what the vocoder is. The Peter Frampton effect.


Hi there! cheers for the response kozikowski, ill definitely try this tonight! If I can replicate the effect with some vocoder ill make sure to add you in the credits ^.^

Hey there so I tried using vocoder and I can definitely see a very similar effect coming through, although I was wondering how do you make it sound a little less robotic, I have tried filtering a few ghostly breath loops as well as pink/white noises, but it still seems to sounds more like a crunchy robot rather than howling.