I haven’t had a need to use high/low pass filters much to this point, but tried a bunch of settings with a particular recording I’m editing…some with success regarding some forms of static…some not.

With the sample attached, I haven’t found a way to eliminate the static without affecting the quality of voice. Tried high and low pass filters as mentioned.

Any suggestions/tips? You can maybe download and if you find specific settings that effectively eliminate or attenuate the static…I’d be super grateful if you could note the exact settings in a reply.


I’m going with “can’t be done”.

And it’s worse than you think because on similar words and sounds, it’s not always there, so it changes with maybe humidity or time of day. They’re fun to fix.

Taking this upside down, I’m not sure I could create this noise if somebody wrote me a check. Standard troubleshooting suggests that you split the system in half and see if each half is healthy. Then do it again.

What’s the microphone? I think I can hear a little room echo in there, but if you’re not compulsive about quality, it should be OK. The distortion is very annoying. Are you on a USB microphone going through a USB hub?


Because the static is different on each track, Kn0ck0ut with centre-isolation is worth a try to isolate what is common to both channels: the voice , (however the result is mono and the processing adds digital artifact noises)

Kn0ck0ut setings.gif

That worked better than I expected. The result is a bit muffled and hollow sounding, but better than I expected.

Thanks Trebor - I really appreciate you going out of your way to test things out and it’s super nice of you to upload the before/after.

I’d like to distort voice less but realize it just might not be doable.

Big help Trebor.

Thanks guys.