How Can I Remove This Mike Bump Noise?

See attached 2 second clip…about 1 second in I bumped the mike. Is there any way to remove this noise with one of the effects without messing up my voice?

Here’s one possibility. Drag-select the noise. Effect > High Pass Filter: 125Hz 24dB. You can mess with the frequency (on the original) and maybe get it a little more gentle. I doubt anyone is going to turn this into a studio recording.

I’ll try that and report back. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just a little less obvious is possible. :slight_smile:

Play that clip. I took most of the “blast rumble” out.


I did play it, and duplicated it using the High Pass Filter: 125Hz 24dB settings. That is much better and good enough for this project.

Thanks for the very quick response!

By the way, that’s part of a much more comprehensive technique for shooting voices. Nobody I know would dream of shooting voice without applying a 100Hz High Pass Filter either in the microphone (if possible), the microphone line (purchased device), or the mixer itself. Most “sound” below about 100Hz is trash. Truck/Lorry rumble, thunder, earthquakes, air conditioning noise, wind impact, and mic stand/microphone cable noises. Had you done that, you may not have had to post here at all. The performance would have simply rolled right over it.