How can I remove music to hear voice in a voicemail?

I have a voicemail that I recorded on Audacity 2.0.2 installed from the .exe installer. I am using Windows 7. I was pocket dialed by my fiance and by the voicemail that was left I can hear music from a country club along with his voice and the voice of a woman (meanwhile he told me he was working late). Is it possible to single out the voices so that I can better hear what is being said? It is not enough to know that he lied, being that I am pregnant with his child. I tried taking a sample of noise from the break in conversation, hitting noise profile, selecting the entire recording, and applying the noise reduction, but I didn’t have much success. I got that idea from e how. Help would be greatly appreciated!

Noise Removal only works with sounds that don’t change during the show like air conditioning noises or computer fans. It’s useless for music or voices.

You join a long list of people wanting us to split a music file apart into individual instruments, voices or sounds. Hasn’t worked yet.