How can I remove Chorus?

I already know how to remove vocals from the audio and I have tried it. The vocals that has been removed are only those vocals that have been sung individually but the chorus parts remain the same. I’m talking about the parts that has been sung by two or more. How can I remove them?

How can I remove them?

You don’t.
Vocal Removal is a very simple arithmetic tool that removes anything in the exact dead center of a stereo show – usually the lead vocal. The support vocals and chorus are frequently spread out around the lead singer and get left behind. Now you’re joining a long list of people trying to take a song apart into pieces so they can play with the pieces.

In case you didn’t notice, you now have a mono sound show. Vocal Removal leaves a mono show, not stereo. Many of the other programs need stereo to work right.

–Voice Trap (Vocal Isolation)

–Extra Boy