How Can I Record without Reverberation? [SOLVED]

I am a beginner at recording sound from my computer. I have windows 7 and want to record streaming audio and export the file to my hard drive. I used Audacity 2.0.5 with output on Microsoft Sound Mapper, input on Stereo Mix, channel on Monaural, both the Speaker and Microphone slides at 50%, and I still get reverberation. When I reduce the microphone slide to 8%, it plays back with much reduced reverberation but I have to raise the volume on my speaker way up. There must be feedback. How can I record without that reverberation?

There must be feedback.

Exactly… The sound comes out of the speakers, gets picked-up by the microphone, delayed by the digital buffer, comes out the speaker, and loops-around again.

The microphone should be OFF.

I don’t know if this will help your volume, but try [u]WASAPI Loopback[/u]

If the sound is annoying when you crank-up the volume, try plugging-in headphones (but don’t put the headphones on your head).

Or, You can always boost the volume after recording with the Amplify effect. The quality may not be as good as recording at full-volume to begin with, but it should be a LOT better than using the microphone.

Recording with a microphone is the worst option unless you are recording acoustically (sounds in the air) and you have no other choice. When you record with a mic, room acoustics and room noise affect the quality. If you’ve ever used a camcorder, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a lot of background noise that you didn’t notice when you were recording. The quality of the microphone is also a factor and you can’t get a high-quality recording with the mic built into your laptop, or a regular-cheap “computer microphone”. (“Studio Style” USB mics, or “podcast” USB mics can be quite good.)

Make sure Transport > Software Playthrough is not ticked (not checked). If it is, it will create echoes.


Thanks Gale, your reminder worked. I unchecked the Software Playthrough in Transport and the echo was gone both for mic to record my voice and stereo mix to record audio on the computer. Thanks again!