how can I record in Audacity using Oxygen 8 keyboard?

Please help. I can record using mic in Audacity, but when I try to play on my Oxygen keyboard - nothing happens, no recording.

The Oxygen 8 is a MIDI controller, so it has no audio output - it needs to be driving VSTiDXi software instruments (or MIDI controllable VSTDX effects). Audacity is an audio editor with no MIDI or VSTiDXi capability. Hence no sound from the Oxygen8.

You could in theory use your Oxygen8 in another MIDI capable application (anything from Computer Music magazine’s free studio software right up to the big boys like Sonar or Cubase)and capture the audio output in Audacity, but since these applications also handle audio tracks alongside software instruments this would be an unnecessary step.

I use Audacity at either end of my music-making process - preparing loops and samples for use in Cakewalk Project5 (where I use my Oxygen8) and then tidying up the finished stereo master mix exported from Project5.