How can I record form the system and the Mic?

Thats it… I’m Using #! Crunchbang Default all that comes with it, Debian biased.

I’m using Audacity 2.0.1 (Soon to update)

Wanting to record audio form my external microphone and my systems audio output.

Does not need to be in separate audio tracks. Help?

What’s the question? :confused:

The title…

So the question isn’t “How can I record both sides of a Skype conversation at the same time”?
What are you trying to do?

Does Crashbang come with ALSA, PulseAudio and Jack?

Was that already posted? I’m sorry if so… but yes, that is more or less what I’m trying to do. just not limited to Skype trying to record audio form a game a the mic. whatever the system is plying recoded.

I don’t know about what #! uses(Looking around still). I know the mixer is “PNMixer 0.5.1” if that helps

For Skype there is “Skype Call Recorder” ( This works well on my Debian machine and is relatively easy to set up and use.

The more general “record my microphone and sounds playing on the computer at the same time” is possible on Linux (but there are several potential hazards in doing so).

Audacity is designed to record from ONE device at a time, so in order to record multiple inputs simultaneously you need to set up some sort of “mixer” that takes the multiple inputs and combines them as one device.

The easiest way to do this is to use a physical (hardware) mixer.

  • Connect the output of your computer to the mixer.
  • Connect a microphone to the mixer. If you need a microphone for the game, or with Skype, or whatever the application is that you are recording, then you need a second microphone to connect to the mixer and position the two microphones so that you can use both at the same time.
  • Connect the mixer output to the computer’s “Line Input”. If your computer does not have a “line input” (many laptops only have a “mic input”) then you will need to add a sound card that has a line input (I use a Behringer UCA 202).
  • Set Audacity to record from the “Line Input”.