How can I reclaim disk space

Greetings to all, my first post; I am using Win XP still on my computer.

My question relates to what Audacity does while I create my mp3 files; specifically, I would presume it clogs my operating drive with a duplicate archive of all files I create and I store my finished files on another drive on my system.

I’ve reached this conclusion seeing the recording time available go from 50 hours down to 1 hour over the span of a year. Where do I find these hard drive clogging files to delete and free up recording time again? I only have a small 60 Gig operating system disk with a prospect on upgrading to a SSD of 120 possibly late spring or early summer. I look forward to replies…

  • Desiree

Unless you’ve deliberately saved the audio as an Audacity project, then there are no archive copies of your tracks.
When you say “another drive on my system” unless that is an external (removable) drive, it’s just notional: drives other than “C” are just a partitions on the one spinning hard disk drive installed inside your computer.

Free software called CCleaner has a “disk analyzer” tool which will provide an overview pie-chart of what type of files are on your hard drive … CCleaner Updates with a New Disk Analyzer to Free Up Hard Drive Space | Lifehacker

To help clarify my question, C is operating drive, D which is a separate hard drive has my completed mp3 files. The C drive has lost capacity for hours of recording time over the last year; over 50 hours available to start, and I do my own internet radio prerecorded show, and I have only 1 hour available as of last night. There has to be something C drive does to archive. I’m looking to upgrade the C drive from 60 gig (yes only 60 G) to maybe a SSD of 120…

Any disk-analyzer will tell you what’s on the drive, e.g. …

Did you ever get resolution? I am having same issue, disk space disappearing for no reason.