How can I produce an effect similar to this song?

So with a group, I’m doing a cover of this song:

And I’m wondering how can I do that metallicy voice slightly,
and starting from the “I’m yours” that multi voice effect,

the whole song all the voices are “metallicy” and less natural, how can I use Audacity to make it like that?

I’m using Windows 7


I don’t know that it’s one single special effect as much as just weapon’s grade vocal compression (denser) and maybe a little echo/reverb.

Effect > Leveler
Effect > Compressor
Effect > Hard Limiter.

You might apply Chris’s Compressor to the vocal tracks before the other tools. Chris should even out word by word volume variations and make it a little easier for the other tools to work. Crank the first value, compression up to 0.8 or 0.9 or maybe higher. Listen to how it works.

This will be a lot harder if you mixed the voices and music already. Compressors and effects will start pumping the vocals with the bass notes making some words vanish. That’s a valid music technique, but maybe not if you didn’t want that.


You can get a metalic voice with Effect > Vocoder.


oh I tried vocoder… and it came out waaaay too robotic sounding ><
I’m trying to go for a slight metallic…
but thanks for your help! ><