How can I organize thousands of Raw files

In 2012 I recorded an interview of 6 hours on Audacity. Since, I have changed computers but have kept the files. I just reinstalled audacity 2.1.0 and tried loading the files. They are all present, 5000+ files of 5-seconds recordings, but I cannot find how to re-order to listen in a chronological way. These files are all .au and I see none that are named .aup

Folders go in this logic:

Main: Cecile_1_data
opens – e00
opens – d00, d01, d0f, ect
each opens to many 5 seconds .au files

Could you lend a hand?

In the absence of the AUP file your best bet is likely to be “crash recovery”, but don’t get your hopes too high:

Note that the current release of Audacity is 2.1.2. The official download site is


Gale and Steve, thanks 1000x.

It was quite a job. I renamed all files with xplorer2 program, which did, as promised, bulk file renaming. I named them with their time stamp.
Since it’s too long to queue each file in audacity and transform it to mp3, I simply played them in date/time order and press record on my computer’s stock vocal recorder. Since it’s an interview, I don’t care much for top quality.

I just wanted to point out that it seems that the reason I lost the .aup file in the 1st place (my hypothesis) is that when I last backed up those files on the old computer, the .aup file was not recognized as a ‘music’ file - the backup just didn’t catch it. It did for all typical backup files, such as music, photos, documents, videos. It might be something to look into for developers? Anyway, I learned my lesson. I’ll be exporting straight to mp3 next time.

Thanks for helping. I am relieved. This interview is soooo precious to me.

Stéfanie :slight_smile:

There was no need to do that. The idea was to connect the renamed files together using the 1.2 Audacity Recovery Utility.

It seems a limitation of the backup tool that you should have been aware of.

That said we may make some kind of all-in-one project file in future. It might be a ZIP file, which presumably your backup software would recognise, but more likely not.


But since you have a relatively simple single-track project to work with, the learning for the future is to export a WAV file rather than rely on the Audacity project format :wink: