how can i open file from older version

I’m trying to open with Audacity 2.x a file that I edited and saved using Audacity 1.2, but when I open it there is no data. What shall I do?

Is there an error message or a warning message when you try to open it?
Do you have both the .AUP file and the _data folder for the project?
Was the old Audacity project a “recording” or was it made from imported files?

I get a “warning” about orphan files, and I click the do not delete option.

The original recording is from my Zoom recorder, and I edited and mixed it with another Zoom recording. I can still open it in Audacity 1.2, but for some reason the audio goes silent at various points even though the sound frequency chart is perfectly visible. So I’m trying to open it with the newest audacity version, but it’s not reading it at all. I don’t even see the frequency chart.

The problem is I lost the original file, so all I have to work with is the audacity 1.2 file. Any chance I can salvage it?

The silent parts are likely to be due to missing audio data. See here for an explanation of how Audacity Projects work:

Audacity 1.2.x did not warn about “dependencies” whereas Audacity 2.x will warn about dependencies when the project is saved and offer to copy them into the project. If your Zoom recording were in WAV format there may be missing dependencies and as you do not have the original files this data is lost.

Probably the best that you can do is to open the project in Audacity 1.2.6 and export it in WAV format. The WAV file can then be imported into Audacity 2.0. I doubt that missing audio from the 1.2 project can be recovered.