How can I move around clips WITH labels within one track?

I’ve labeled segments of my long track and I’d like to rearrange the segments while keeping the labels attached to them. When I try to enable sync tracks, ALL of the labels move when I move the tracks. I want each label attached just to its designated portion. Any advice?

Labels know about their start (and end) times. They have no idea about any audio that may be on any particular track.

The only way to achieve what you want is to have every clip on a separate track, and each of those tracks to have its own label track below it, with the one label in it.

– Bill

Use Cut and Paste.
Mostly, Sync-Lock isn’t required (unless you want to move everything together).
When selecting the audio, select both the audio track and the label track so that you cut both the audio and the label together.

If you have only one audio track and one label track, and the labels are “region labels”, then you can quickly select one label and the audio within that region, by clicking in the label’s text flag.