How can I make an installable package

I have a SuSE 10.2 test machine from which Audacity 1.3.4-3-beta has been compiled with an asihpi soundcard driver library, the latter which is not part of the current Audacity fileset. The intent is to build an installable package to install Audacity on a couple of systems with ASI sound cards. The systems are not set up to compile and are in a network with many blocked Internet operations. They both have the 1.3.4 version of Audacity installed but without the asihpi libraries. An attempt was made to move the Audacity+asihpi executable over to the systems, but the software complained of missing external libraries, and /user/lib is a real jungle of linkages and library images.

I have compiled Audacity from source obtained (separately) from the Packman and Audacity websites. In both cases, “make rpm” resulted in the response “don’t know how to make rpm.” Is there a repository which holds a version of Audacity that supports generation of an rpm file? I have looked on opensuse, but their search engine refers back to packman.

Alternatively, is there a compile option that would incorporate all the libraries used by Audacity within the executable file? I noticed the Audacity download binary is > 400K, but the size of my compiled version was only about 250k.


This depends entirely on the distribution you are using, so there is no support in the Makefiles for generating an RPM (or anything else). There are tools for RPM-based packages that given a source tarball will unpack it and compile it to generate the relevant package, you just need to write a spec file (e.g. by altering the one from one of the existing packages if you can obtain it).